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Kathleen Pio

Kathleen Pio

Acireale, Catania


Born in Montreal, Canada, but now a resident and married for the last 33 years to an Italian, or rather, a Sicilian, and living on the beautiful island of Sicily for the last 34 years.

After starting to paint on porcelain as a hobby and then going on to doing a 4 year course and getting a “Master's in the Fine Art of China Painting” specializing in impressionism on porcelain, I decided I wanted to do something that represented the country that I have been living in for the last 34 years. I decided I wanted to use what our local volcano Etna produces; nothing other than lava rock. I began to esperiment and after I learnt on my own how to put a ceramic base on the lava rock, I began to apply my porcelain knowledge to the ceramic and came up with new and different techniques. This technique came to the interest of a museum who has bought one of my pieces and it is now on permanent display. I am constantly experimenting and have also begun to teach these techniques to people interested in painting on this lava rock.

Besides paintings on lava rock, I have begun to design and make lamps and furniture accessories out of lava rock. You can find these interior desing pieces on my FB page “Art and Design on Lava Rock by Kathleen Pio.” Look for me on Twitter and Google plus as well.

Here on FAA I have included also paintings that I do (on the side) in oil, or acrylics or watercolor. Lately, I am really getting into watercolors and think that it might become a very important medium to me. I also like to take pictures and have included them on my profile because I think they make pretty greeting cards or posters, or whatever you choose to make out of them.

If you want to know more about my art please feel free to e-mail me and I will be more than glad to answer your questions.

I would also like to point out that no watermarks (the print Fine Art America) will not appear on any of your prints; they are on here for security reasons only.

Thank-you for visiting my page and here is my curriculum for those who are interested. here is my curriculum:

2009 Collective Art Exibition - Belpasso "l'Associazione Culturale Csain Arti Sicilia"
2010 – Received a “Master's in the Fine Arts of China Painting” - (a 4 year course in impressionism on porcelain)
Member of the Association for Italian Decorators and Teachers on Porcelain (A.I.D.I.P.P.)
2010 – Personal Art exibition in the Galleria D'Arte Garcès – Rome, Italy
2010-2011 – Permanent display for 1 year of my porcelain art in the Garcès Gallery in the city of Rome, Italy
2011 Sicilia Arte - 1° Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Moderna e contemporanea a Etnapolis (CT), represented by the "Galleria Firme d'Autore" ( 1°International Art Exibition of Modern and Contemporary Art in the city of Catania, Italy, and I was represented by the art Gallery “Firme d'Autore)
2011 – Invented a new technique on ceramic based lava rock
2011 - Internazionale Art Exibition in the city of Milo, in Sicily (Italy) and sponsored by the "Galleria Firme d'Autore"
2012 - (2nd - 4th of June) Convention Azzurra - city of Varese (Italy)
2012 – (June) - Award from the museum of "Arti del Fuoco" (The Firing Arts) and from the city of Nova, Milanese (Italy)
2012 – The Museum of “Le Arti del Fuoco” in the city of Nova, Milanese (Italy), bought the piece they had given me an award for and it is now on permanent display in the museum
2013 - (February) Art exibition in the city of Milan at HobbyCeram ArtFactory
2013 – (May) – Taught specialized course at HobbyCeram, (Milan) on the new technique that I have developed on ceramic based lava rock
2013 – (Giugno) – The art exibition of “Ritmi D'Arte e Scienza” of Rita Levi Montalcini displayed artworks of mine on lava rock contemporarily with her exibition


Emerging Dawn by Kathleen Pio


Peonies at Sunset by Kathleen Pio


Poppy Impressions by Kathleen Pio


Fire and Lava by Kathleen Pio


Irish Robin in the Snow by Kathleen Pio


A Wounded Rose by Kathleen Pio


Marilena's Wedding Flowers 2 by Kathleen Pio


Five Yellow Tulips by Kathleen Pio


Sunset on the Arno River by Kathleen Pio


A Rose Beauty by Kathleen Pio


Rose Summer Delight by Kathleen Pio


Tre Rose by Kathleen Pio


Rose Delight by Kathleen Pio


Anemone by Kathleen Pio


Summer Flowers by Kathleen Pio


Spring Meltdown by Kathleen Pio


Floating Poppy by Kathleen Pio


Poppy Abstract by Kathleen Pio


Marilena's Wedding Flowers by Kathleen Pio


Glicine Harmony by Kathleen Pio


Leaf Diversity by Kathleen Pio


Blue Tree by Kathleen Pio


Tulip Doodle by Kathleen Pio


Etna with Snow by Kathleen Pio


The Old Watermill by Kathleen Pio


Ducks and Autumn Leaves by Kathleen Pio


Accadia by Kathleen Pio


Cherry Time by Kathleen Pio


Cherry Breeze by Kathleen Pio


A Solitary Rose by Kathleen Pio


Wind and Sails by Kathleen Pio


Tulip Abstract by Kathleen Pio


Sunset at the Lake by Kathleen Pio


Windy Day at Sea by Kathleen Pio


Cherries on the Ground by Kathleen Pio


Ibiscus Fire and Ice by Kathleen Pio


Sunflower Rain by Kathleen Pio


La Bignonia Rossa by Kathleen Pio


Bubble Boat by Kathleen Pio


Uva by Kathleen Pio



Floating Roses by Kathleen Pio


Golden Rose Path by Kathleen Pio


One White Tulip by Kathleen Pio


Rainbow Butterfly 3 by Kathleen Pio


Poppies On A Sunny Day by Kathleen Pio


Tulip Freedom by Kathleen Pio


Wild Purple Roses by Kathleen Pio


Red Rose In Winter by Kathleen Pio